Dapper Animals

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    "I SAY!" The animal statues in human clothes range, coined "Dapper Animals" because they dress more fancy than your average man or woman!

    Fun animals, sculpted into vintage, antique style ornaments. The sort of thing you associate with museums, or grand old studies in a mansion - perhaps with Winston Churchills head on.

    But no, these are our feline friends, playful pets and beloved animals. We think they're hilarious, and the details of these Dapper Animals are superb.  These Animals in Human Clothes items combine really well with the 'Steampunk' style which is becoming ever more popular.

    Made from strong quality designer resin, they are fragile so don't drop them! Why not search for the others and collect them all for a truly, classical look in your home. In a post apocalyptic world ruled by animal overlords, these Dapper Animal Ornaments would be common place decor... just saying.