Why TwoBeeps?

We're often asked, what on earth is with 'the name'....?

It's simple really.  Our youngest child, Alaric, received a gift from a close family friend when he was born.  It was one of those Sheep that make the heartbeat sound, and glow, it is designed to remind them of being in the womb and helps them feel safe and calm when going to sleep.  Anyway, the thing works, it was an absolute godsend!

Fast forward 2.5 years, and our Son lovingly calls him 'Beep' and he does not go anywhere without 'Beep'.  This started to concern us, what if we lost him, would we ever sleep again?!  Along came 'Beep' No.2, identical in every way, except much less loved.  Alaric can tell them apart easily, and the new impostor Beep is not allowed to take him to bed, oh no, that is a privilege bestowed upon only original Beep!

Anyway, we now have '2 Beeps', so whilst sitting in the home office, 3 children running riot around me, desperately thinking of a business name, the next thing I see..... 2 Beeps, staring me in the face!  So I mocked up a logo, Alaric walks in, see's my screen and screams at the top of his voice ' 2 BEEPS! ', and then repeats it, again, and again, and again, and so forth...

So the name stuck, and as weird as it is, I figured for the many people that end up asking themselves 'It's clearly 2 Sheep, what are these people drinking'... They could visit this page. Read a little story, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside about a story about 2 little Beeps that make a little boy very happy!

Thanks for taking a look around, and in exchange for getting to the very end of our little family story, you get rewarded with 5% OFF of your order.  Use discount code BESTBEEP at the checkout.

Thanks again,

Matt & Sophie