5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk
5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot - TwoBeeps.co.uk

5in1 Mechanical Coding Robot

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Main Specs

  • Program this robot’s movements with non-computer coding!
  • Build the robot from a kit and then have fun teaching it to do things
  • The robot can rotate, move forwards and backwards, and lift things
  • Requires just 2 x AAA batteries and a few tools for assembly
  • For ages 8 and older

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    About this Product

    Introduce your kids to the world of STEM with this interesting 5-in-1 Mechanical Coding Robot! 

    Making a robot, assigning tasks to it, and playing with it is every child's dream. It's time to make their dreams a reality! Ideal for kids aged 8 years and above, this robot will make their playtime a lot more engaging, and at the same time, help them explore their love for engineering and the science of making robots. 

    How to use this robot? 

    At the heart of the robot is a mechanical wheel, which comes with coding pins. Use these different pins to move the robot however you desire!

    What makes our 5-in-1 Mechanical Coding Robot a must-have for children? 

    • Educational toy- Designed for future mechanical engineers and STEM enthusiasts, this robot is an educational toy. It allows your child to explore the basic principles of mechanical engineering and coding hands-on. With this toy, your little one will be more and more intrigued with the world of science and tech. It will also give them a sneak peek into how robots work. As this is a DIY robot, your child will also learn to follow instructions and assemble parts carefully to create a particular structure. 
    • Fun and engaging- Besides being educational, this toy is incredibly fun to play with. It moves forward and backward, lifts, kicks, rotates and can do so much more once you teach it. Your child can give it instructions to make it do things– something that makes the toy even more alluring to the young and curious minds of kids. 
    • No coding required- Neither you nor your child has to be a coder, programmer or an expert scientist to operate this robot. All you have to do is use the coding pins on the mechanical wheel of the robot, and make it perform tasks. It utilises non-computer coding, so literally anyone can program this robot! 
    • Battery-operated- The robot runs on only 2 AAA batteries. It's absolutely hassle-free, and once the batteries run out, you can simply replace them with new ones to start playing with it again! 
    • Easy to assemble- While real robots are super complex to make, this one's pretty simple in terms of assembly. Figuring out how to join the various parts of the robot can be a great way to bond with your child. Through this, their motor skills will get sharpened, and they'll get a practical look at what goes on behind the making of a robot, even if on a small scale. 
    • Perfect gift for kids- If you're not sure what would be the best gift for an 8-year old, don't worry anymore. This mechanical robot will surely bring a smile to their face, and keep them hooked for hours! Whether it's your little one's birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, a special gift like this is all you need to stimulate their brain, while also fuelling their passion. 

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