We’re Moving!

There’s exciting things happening at TwoBeeps right now!  We’re moving to a large dedicated warehouse, increasing our floor space by 5x what we have now!  We’ve grown rapidly over the past year, and have very quickly outgrown our little shop in Selby. 

We’ve now grown our range to over 2,500 products, and have 5 Different Machines that we use for production, that each need their own workspace!

Our new warehouse is located in Goole, and we hope to move into it at some point over the next 3 weeks.

We spent a long time looking to secure a property with suitable warehousing space, and shop-floor space within Selby, but sadly were unable to secure a suitable space.   When we realised that we had to look further afield,  We then looked into the possibility of hiring staff to run the Selby shop, but sadly, when looking at all of the numbers, it just doesn’t make financial sense for us to do that. 

The Selby shop made perfect sense for us whilst it was our base of operations and dispatch for the online side of our business.  As a standalone shop, it’s a very different story, the commercials sadly just don’t stack up.  For this reason, it’s with a very heavy heart that I must announce that we will be closing our Selby Shop.  At the moment, the dates are fairly fluid, but it will be at some point in February.

You’ll still be able to shop online with us, and click & collect will be available from our Goole Warehouse.  We’re also looking to introduce a ‘Local Delivery’ service that covers Selby for just £1.99 with deliveries made same day between 5pm-7pm.

Thank you so much for your custom and support this year, it really is appreciated!  We’d love to continue to serve you via our Website.

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